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" I'd already wondered this school! A lot of my friends have got their dancing skills at this school. And recently, they have had great success at the parties."



" I'm so glad to this online dancing-school, because here I can be uninhibited."

" really, my friends told, since they learned to dance at this school, they have been more successful at the discoteques and in private life, too."




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The fifth series of Saturday Night Fever


April 2014th 5th start, and finally officially revealed the fourth celebrity couple on the show. Anyone who follows the news of the celebrity world is not likely to surprise on the list of celebrities.

your dance,dance,online danceRussian Joseph and Matthew Krisztina





Dance is a wonderful thing. It's one of the most beautiful ways of expression. Dance helps you to relax. While you're dancing, it's only you and the music. No matter if you're only looking as other people are dancing, or you're dancing, too - it's a good feeling. We show you what the real dance is!



jabra dance,dance instructor, dance schoolDANCING-SCHOOL

Our dancing- school teaches you to dance in your own home comfortably. It's a unique way of learning. If the weather's cold you don't have to move from your home. If you feel you're not good at dancing, you don't have to feel embarrassed because your initial troubles. You can look back the video and you can practise whenever you like. If you start learning in the beginning of the week you'll be able to put it into practice till the weekend. And you'll be successful at the discoteques. That's our dancing-school!


dance instructor, dance schoolDANCE TEACHING

Dance teaching is not an easy thing. Our teaching materials will be introduced by our professional dancers. Thanks to our easy and clear educational films and topics you'll be able to learn to dance soon. The most important: learn, practise and feel well! Believe, your work will be successful! You'll have many lookings of appreciation.




dance,dance instructor, dance school


This dancing course has more parts and levels. We teach you different styles of dance. The bases are today's clubs' different party-styles. Every style has two levels: one for beginners and one for advanced learners. Our ambition's been to make educational films which are easy to learn. The rest are up to you! That's our dancing- school!




dance jabra


Recently latin music and dance've been more and more popular in Europe. The claims have been increased especially about salsa courses. More and more latin parties are announced. Not for nothing latin music and dance are very popular all around the world. For the first sight you may think latin dances for exaple salsa aren't so easy, but if you're hard-working you'll be able to learn the steps. And then the complete choreography is coming. You'll have two different levels here, too. One for beginners and one for advanced dancers. Our salsa course can teach you to dance salsa. And you'll be able to make good use of your studies at any kind of parties. It'll be a wonderful feeling!




Disco music's electronic sound and it is played by Dj-s at different clubs. This style is very wide-spread. A lot of people ask the question; how should we dance to this kind of music? We show you the steps, motions and tricks - The rest are up to you!