Disco dance
Disco '80-'90

Your Dance dancing-school

At our dancing-school you can dance without inhibitions. You won't be embarrassed because nobody will see your initial troubles. You'll dance alone! You can learn at your home. You don't have to move, don't need to adjust to the timetable. You can practise when you want, for example at 2a.m. if you like. Nobody'll interfere in your lesson, you'll be your own leader. It's all up to you how much time you'll spend by practising.



Easy Dance learning

We have made choreographies which are easy to learn and spectacular. For example if you know that you'll go to a party at the weekend, you may start learning on Monday and you can learn the dance during the weekdays. You'll be ready by the weekend and you'll be successful on the dancefloor.



Dancing course in a prsctice

You're on a high as your favourite songs are played at a discoteque, aren't you? If you feel you are not fairly good at dancing or maybe you can't dance at all, so, it's your dancing-school! You have to dance! Clubs are places where you have to feel weel, be glad, dance and enjoy yourself. People like going to clubs with a view to meet new contacts, too. And it matters how you do it. Don't forget! It's hard to meet people at clubs if you can't dance. Music is loud, you can't speak. You can talk only with your body. If you are a good dancer, you can ask: ' Do you want to dance with me?' Dance! And enjoy yourself. We show you how to dance - it's all up to you! If a girl wants to go out, she usually does it with her friends or her partner. You can see, at a party girls usually start dancing earlier than boys. Boys need more encouragement. Girls have basic talent about dance. They can dance cheerfully, with abandon. There are some people who dance easily and others don't. But don't forget, your knowledge, your talent can be improved!

Dancing course - learn to dance easily

Our dancing-school'll teach you to dance well. You can make perfect your ability. This dancing-school teaches everybody to dance, no matter you're a boy or a girl. Our course shows you how to dance. Because it's important you to charm your partner. Learn, dance and collect the lookings of appreciation. Show everybody what you've learned at this school. Make colourful your life with dance, and be glad!

Be successful!